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Welcome to Clay Pot Asian Food Kitchen, where we combine traditional Asian ingredients with Euro style presentation. Our passion is to provide an immersive dining experience for our customers to discover the rich Chinese culture and history. 

Clay Pot
Asian Food Kitchen

Discover the Chinese Culture through Food


Traditional Asian Cuisine with a Modern Twist

Claypot rice is a traditional recipe originated from Guangdong (Canton), China. The claypot is especially effective at retaining heat, allowing the rice at the base to become crisp and aromatic with multi-layers of flavours and textures. In the claypot the rice is found to simmer with the flavourful ingredients until the rice at the base turns golden brown and crispy. The rice is served with special sweet soy sauce on the side to create an exciting and delectable experience all within one claypot.

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Featured Product

Our signature dish is the Clay Pot Rice, served with a variety of toppings such as chicken, beef, and vegetables. The dish is cooked in a clay pot, which gives it a unique flavor and texture. Come try it out today!


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Our bar offers a wide range of Asian-inspired cocktails, beer, and wine. Come unwind with a drink after a long day or catch up with friends over some drinks.



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Visit us at 2122 Crowchild trails or call us at 403-452-9855 to make a reservation. We are open Monday to Sunday 12pm-11pm. 

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